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December 20, 2019

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Sri Amaraavathi College of Arts and Science, the river of knowledge is an affiliated college to Bharathidasan University established in the year 2019 by the Ponkalai Educational Trust, a group of likeminded Entrepreneurs with a mission, “To set value based and skill –oriented education to the students by bring out the hidden potential and equip them to approach the life with optimism in pursuit of knowledge and world class education”.

The quality of education is carefully cradled to impart profound education to all who have knock on the knowledge doors of the college with belief. The institution plans to promote, deep knowledge & research and lifelong learning in the field of Arts, Sciences, Management, Computer Science and Social Sciences.

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    Getting admissions into one of the best arts & science colleges in town is indeed a huge challenge. Many colleges claim to provide a blent & equal importance for both academics and recreational activities but Amaraavathi actually does. Amaraavathi gives us an ample number of opportunities. There are platforms for off-stage skill development in the forms of clubs and offers good exposures through various seminars, guest lectures and presentation days.  The college assigns a mentor for each student with whom we can share our thoughts & feedbacks. The mentor would guide the student both academically & personally. They teach us moral values and ethics, which develops our leadership qualities. I think the best part about Amaraavathi is that everything is being provided in right proportions – There is enough freedom for us in all the aspects, and sometimes strict yet supporting faculties. If what you are looking for, is not just a degree but also experiences and opportunities, Amaraavathi it is! I am from a girls’ high school, but when I heard that Amaraavathi is a co-ed institution I wondered how the transaction would be, but it’s really great. Being an Amaraavathian, I’m building myself into a better person day by day.

  • Tarrunkumar V - BSc Computer Science

    Everything we want to pursue is right there at Amaraavathi. Life isn’t easy nowadays as there is too much of competition. My life at Amaraavathi is very enriching, practical and joyful. We have good faculty who are trying to find new or best alternative methods of teaching. Diverse technical methods of teaching are also happening at Amaraavathi. We learn through various ICT platforms like Google Classroom, Kahoot, Quizzlet, Solo Learn, Class Marker, Presentation Tube and Socrates, which makes our classroom more vibrant and interactive. We have credit based semester exams and two internal exams with lots of seminars, which will mould us to be a good orator, and they will make us strong to face a crowd. The college offers a wide range of options for extracurricular activities ranging from sports to culturals. Amaraavathi isn’t just like a traditional college, it’s just the other way where we, students take up the lead in all the programmes and events conducted on and off the campus. Since students hesitate to address their personal or academical issues to the faculty members, we have a Student Leadership Council to work along with the management for the holistic development of the students. Being an Amaraavathian, we tend to empower our young minds to face the challenges of life with courage and commitment, to be builders of a humane.