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Sri Amaraavathi College of Arts and Science

why Amaraavathi

Amaraavathi as the name indicates, it is a river of knowledge with rich supply of wisdom. Amaraavathi philosophy is inspired from the model of Jacques Delors, who headed the International Commission on Education for the 21st Century to UNESCO. 

Memorandum of Understanding between Sri Amaraavathi College of Arts and Science and FACE Prep Campus

Sri Amaraavathi College of Arts and Science has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with FACE Prep Campus to ensure 100% job placement for their BCA graduates.

At Face Prep Campus, we have a clear vision of equipping the next generation of computer science professionals with the skills, knowledge and practical experience they need to thrive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. We believe hands-on learning is the key to unlocking the true potential of our students.

Program Highlights

Skill Based Learning

FACE Prep Campus will conduct a practise based learning methodology integrated with the university curriculum, starting from the first semester and continuing throughout the program till assured placements.

Specialized Training

Students will receive specialized training in areas like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Full Stack Development to enhance their employability and to stay relevant for the future technological needs.


Students will be facilitated
to obtain Face Prep Campus certifications from companies like Microsoft and IBM.


Students will be offered internships with
stipends by the end of second year.

Campus Placements

Assured placement opportunities in IT companies for BCA graduates with a salary package of 3-6 Lakh

This MOU is expected to significantly increase job opportunities for Sri Amaravaathi College of Arts and Science BCA students with practical hands-on learning experience and transform them into future ready, deployable workforce.

Student Leadership Council

Amaraavathi Advantages

AMARAAVATHI has an unique and powerful model of education and experience to students and faculty. This mission calls for the provision of a holistic education; one concerned with the growth of..

Team Pulse

Dance Club that allows students to continue their love for dance at Amaraavathi. The motto of the Dance Club is to nurture the talent, celebrate the diversity and give expressions to the..
The main purpose of this club is To enhance the Music talent among the students and To encourage the students to actively participating in various music based events conducted within the campus and outside the campus.
A drama club gives students an outlet for interests that go beyond acting and leads to friendships across departments. It focuses on developing not only the acting abilities..
Film club provides various workshops, seminars and webinars for the students to develop skills in editing, filming and writing. Students were also given opportunities to create their short films.
The Club provides a forum through which students can polish their analytical and oratory skills. The club proposes to hold workshops on Debating and Oration Skills and prepare students for various debating competitions.


Ms Preethiga S BCom – 2023 Batch

Amaraavathi lives true to its values of being a genuine, transparent and student centric Institution. What sets it apart, its unique education system. The institute consists of friendly faculty members, service minded management and a mix of talented and competitive students, who not only learn the courses well but also master learning about lift other than the teaching aspects academics. Amaraavathi has created a niche for itself and is constantly growing. It has produces successful alumni and is constantly striving towards the success of its students.

Mr Janarthan S BCom – 2023 Batch

In Amaraavathi, Placement Cell has always been a pillar of support and guidance. For all the companies proper guidance was provided to crack the interviews and get placed. Placement Cell provided the best assistance for all the rounds in the interview processes to ensure all the efficient candidates are placed in their deserving companies. One of the approaches of placement cell that I admired was they had provided new and a variety of opportunities to the students. Their positivity, motivation and support had always helped us to never lose hope and to give any interview our best shot

Ms AbiraamiPrabha BA-English – 2023 Batch

Amaraavathi is not just a campus but a family with energy and life all over. Students are always in constant pursuit of knowledge. The main attraction of the whole course is the technology based learning. The faculties here are the best in their fields and that’s the main reason why we don’t have a doubt on the quality of learning which we get. The three years here have given me some great mentors and wonderful friends who are still a part of my mainstream life. There is a great saying by Benjamin Franklin, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” Yes here we are involved and so the learning stays with us. In a nutshell Amaraavathi gives you bliss full Life and Learning.

Mr Prabhu V BCom-CA – 2022 Batch

It gives me immense pleasure to call myself an alumnus of Amaraavathi. The best part of being a student in this college is getting a good leadership skill through SLC. A degree in Amaraavathi is one of the best opportunities that a student can get and utilize to shape his/her career and be ahead of others in this competitive world and this institution is the best platform for providing that opportunity.

Ms Durgadevi R R BCom-CA- 2022 Batch

I have nothing but words of profound gratitude for my institution. Life and learning experiences at Amaraavathi have made me so much wiser, stronger and smarter. Great faculty, great facilities, great placements! Just was the perfect place for me to live my dreams, thank you Amaraavathi!! Discovered that the hard skills learnt at college are the most sought-after at my workplace now. Thanks to my mentors, I transformed from an individual who spoke and wrote a great deal, to a prospective leader who communicates powerfully with fewer words. Professors inculcated in me the value of being precise and concise. All this plus, a ton of nostalgic memories to cherish lifelong. Couldn’t ask for more.

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